Busy Summer

Who knew my summer was going to fill up so fast? I’m not complaining. We have had more family adventures this year than we’ve had in years. We’ve spent more time together this summer, and I can honestly say I’ve spent more time at the pool in a bathing suit than I have since I was a teenager (which is more years ago than I care to count). Good times all around.

Even if it means I’ve strayed a bit from The Minimal Challenge. That’s not to say we’ve spent much money on material goods. Quite the contrary … except for the occasional sweatshirt on a cool summer night, I’m not sure we’ve actually acquired anything but memories this summer.

In fact, as I venture into the closet to assess the school clothes situation, I’m pleased to find that we have really only worn the same small handful of outfits all summer. We’ve minimized shopping, minimized laundry, and minimized my children’s perception of “need” for “stuff”. Victories all around.

Unfortunately … none of the clothes they ended the school year with a couple of months ago are going to fit when they return to the playground this fall. Apparently, children–like plants–sprout when they see the sun. So, my task for this month is to revisit the closet. Paring down outgrown clothes, minimizing the items in my closet that have not been worn–or those which have been replaced by a soft new sweatshirt–and maybe I’ll even weed out some of my husband’s twelve black golf vests that look exactly the same to me.

But not today. The sun is shining and I have kids that want to play. Duty calls.

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About theminimalchallenge

The attempt to minimize the material possessions in my life will, in fact, be a maximum challenge. This is the story of an average American consumer-rich family of four that is inundated with "stuff." The older our children get, the more "stuff" they acquire (as exemplified by their parents--their role models). So, we've decided to minimize our material possessions in an attempt to remove the chaos and clutter from our lives. We've decided to raise children that value experiences, know how to build relationships, and make life-long memories ... regardless of the "stuff" that surrounds them. This is the story of our journey.
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