Life Experiences are the currency of the New Rich*

Spending our time, energy, effort, and money on Life Experiences has led to a number of family adventures, side-splitting laughter, and memories that could never be replaced by material goods.

This summer has taken us on a road-trip to California, a wedding in a Napa vineyard, camping trip on the NorCal coast (in the back of our Honda Element), days spent exploring the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, a long walk along the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, fireworks at a family lake cabin, a visit to a cake artist, an amusement park fun day, and a water park adventure.

In our spare time, I had the exciting opportunity to go white water rafting with a fun-loving group of girls, and my husband went on a boys’ weekend trip to yet another lake cabin–complete with motorcycles and poker, when he wasn’t boating or sleeping under the stars.

We have gone more places and done more things in the last two months than in the last several years combined. And, with the exception of gas and occasional lodging expenses–though we mostly camped out or bunked¬†with friends and family–our adventures have been relatively inexpensive. Especially given the fact that we are not shopping for toys and gadgets to occupy our children’s imaginations. In fact, it was several hours in to our most recent road trip before my son realized he hadn’t packed a bag full of toys for this long weekend. Then, my kids decided to look out the windows and admire the landscape–trying to guess what product each type of farm was responsible for producing. Educational adventures, I like to call these.

Rich in love. Rich in fun. Rich in adventure. And all within our normal monthly budget. Minimizing unnecessary expenses really does pay off. I promise.

*Life Experiences and New Rich are concepts detailed in The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss–more on his brilliant concepts later.

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About theminimalchallenge

The attempt to minimize the material possessions in my life will, in fact, be a maximum challenge. This is the story of an average American consumer-rich family of four that is inundated with "stuff." The older our children get, the more "stuff" they acquire (as exemplified by their parents--their role models). So, we've decided to minimize our material possessions in an attempt to remove the chaos and clutter from our lives. We've decided to raise children that value experiences, know how to build relationships, and make life-long memories ... regardless of the "stuff" that surrounds them. This is the story of our journey.
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