Let’s start with the shoes, shall we?

As I mentioned earlier, my shoe collection was brought to my attention as a potential “hurdle” to the process of minimization, if you will. In all fairness, I’ve downsized considerably since college. But, there’s still work to do. Today’s task: Minimize the Shoes.

Like I said yesterday, my “100 Things Challenge” is about a process of change … not a race to the finish. I liken it to a heroin addict switching to methadone … I mean, you’re not exactly “clean” yet, but it’s a good step in the right direction. Thus, on my journey to fewer shoes … let’s not count pairs … let’s just say that a greater than 50% reduction in said shoes is positive progress, shall we?


 Even my kids joined in …


We may not be at less than 50% here, but as soon as summer is over, those sandals are moving on …


Ahem … I think we are all clear on what is happening here … are we not? 😉


About Not-so-SuperMomma

See my previous blog at www.theminimalchallenge.wordpress.com to learn about how I used to be a SuperMom ...
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