I’m somewhat of a procrastinator. I was that girl who stayed up all night and wrote her term papers the night before they were due. When I have a deadline at work, I cannot force my mind to focus until the hour before my conference call is scheduled. 

So, this challenge to minimize my personal possessions is going to go nowhere until I set a deadline for myself. My deadline is next weekend. I’m going to have a yard sale on Saturday and Sunday, which means I have one week to minimize this house, price the items, and make the signs for the sale. We’re out-of-town on Thursday, so that really only gives me five days including today. Here’s my plan:

  • Sunday: The rest of the closets. Clothes. Linens. Holiday decorations. Oh, and the cosmetics, which I planned for a few days ago, but since I didn’t have a deadline … here we are.
  • Monday: Kitchen goods. That state-of-the-art juicer we rushed out to buy for that all-juice diet we did one week last summer. Adios. Belgian Waffle maker. I had such great intentions. Scale to weigh my food portions. Let’s be honest … 
  • Tuesday: Laundry room and garage. I cannot even begin to fathom what I will find there. Tune in on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday: Miscellaneous–books, DVDs, music CDs, random dust collectors.
  • Thursday: Use my newly-found non-cleaning time to take my kids to the city for a real-life “experience.”
  • Friday: TOYS. Saving the best for last. It has to be the day before the sale. Like ripping off a band-aid. If they have any more than 24 hours to think about the toys they haven’t played with in months, I will set myself up for failure.

I can do this. Check back Saturday morning at 7 am to see how far I’ve actually made it …


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2 Responses to Focus

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  2. Shauna says:

    ok- I have my own laundry to do-and I have been sitting here laughing my ass off for an hour back-reading the last month of “one family”….this is good stuff!

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