You’re so vain … I’ll bet you think this song is about you … Don’t you? Don’t you? ~Carly Simon

I can’t help it. Kate Hudson is adorable, and Matthew McConaughey is … well … an incredible actor, am I right? My favorite scene in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is where Kate sings Carly Simon to Matty. That’s just good clean fun.

So, on that note, I’m going to keep you guessing who this “song” is really about … I’m not going to name names or anything … but there’s one member of this family who has not yet joined in the 100 Things Challenge.

The kids are sorting their toys as we speak …

You’ve seen my massive plans for the possession purge …

We are T-2 days from the Great Yard Sale of 2010 …

But, here’s the “song” that I’m singing today …  I’m still tripping over unfolded laundry … and history books … and baseball card collections from 20 years ago …

You know who you are, right, honey?

Just throwin’ it out there …


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