May the force be with me

I’m not much of a sci-fi freak, so I’m not 100% sure what this title even means. I think maybe there’s even some kind of a hand signal that I should know that goes with it. But again … not a fan. All I know is that I am definitely in need of something tomorrow …

An invisible shield? An impenetrable bubble? A moat with a dragon? I don’t know, so I’ll call it a force. Some people might call it will-power. Or determination. Or fiscal responsibility. Again, foreign concepts to me. So, I’ll stick with the force.

It turns out that I have a shopping/lunch/zoo date that has been planned for months. With some of my long-lost-favorite people. So, instead of canceling because I’m minimizing, I decided to embrace the experience. Then we decided to meet at the Outlet Mall. Who does that? Does a recovering gambler hang out at a casino? Hi … I’ve just obliterated my house. Zapped the contents of every closet, cupboard, and crevice. So, how about if we meet up at the Outlet Mall during Back-to-School Season?

I guess my daughter’s birthday is coming up … and the kids could use some jeans … and they’ve outgrown their school shoes … think how much money I could $AVE tomorrow with all of the great sales at the Outlets! 😉

Quick. I need something. Like a light saber, or a sound, or a cue to snap me out of the shopping trance. Like hypnotherapy … or a taser.


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One Response to May the force be with me

  1. Ha!! Good luck! I know you will only buy what is absolutely necessary. Maybe that just means eliminating one or two other things in the house. You can do it!!

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