Small Victories

I didn’t exactly part ways with any of my beloved belongings yesterday. In fact, I returned home with *more* clothes for the kids, but the shopping experience was a whole different kind …

Instead of wandering aimlessly around the mall and falling prey to every Back-to-School “sale,” we went to a single store and navigated it with surgical focus. Jeans. Sweatshirt. Socks that fit. Sturdy shoes for fall. Sweater. Hat. Dress. Leggings. I managed to shop for both kids (with both kids), keeping in mind all of the clothes we’ve just purged, and what is left over, to buy only the bare necessities for fall. In less than 30 minutes. That, my friends, is success.

Then we went to the zoo. No sooner did we walk in than my kids spotted the stuffed animals by the entrance. Naturally, as is their human-animal instinct, they wanted to go buy something. I informed them that we were at the zoo to see the “real” animals, not the stuffed animals. They regained their focus for about 2.5 seconds, until we walked past another little trinket booth on one of the paths. I remind them that we’re minimizing and they have a whole closet full of stuffed animals at home. My son says “I don’t even get it when you say that.” Not making much progress here, but eventually, he realizes that Mom is not buying a stuffed animal today. So, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the $1.25 he’s saved in quarters and asks if we can go to the stuffed animal stand on the way out. So sweet, my precious little boy. But no, the answer is still no. I love you, but NO. We managed to escape the zoo with only a map, which they can add to their map wall and use as an educational tool some other day–I will have them study it before we go next time with this object lesson in mind: How to navigate the zoo with Mom and return with no toys. Some day, they are going to look back on this life lesson and be thankful. Right?

Meanwhile, as I was shopping with two pre-schoolers and dragging two tired, hungry children around the zoo … my good friend and trusty companion, my husband, was … wait for it … car shopping. Again. It is his contribution to our minimization efforts, after all, so I do have to give him some credit for that. Tell me, honey, were you test driving luxury SUVs, or high-performance race cars? Which do you think is best suited for our family? And our budget? Oh … you left without minimizing our cars (yet again)? That’s weird … I’m beginning to think it’s just fun to go drive cars all day. 🙂

Tell me, what did the officer say when he pulled you over as you left the lot in our diesel-guzzling monster? Because instead of handing you a ticket, I’m hoping he handed you a Karma Rebate for resisting the minimization effort.


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