Today, we Tackle the Toys

Look. I’m no Saint. I like to think that I try to live my life by a high moral and ethical standard. But, I have to admit … I’m not afraid to play the Santa Card when absolutely necessary. (And by “absolutely necessary,” I mean … when it benefits me the most.)

Now, I’m not that parent that threatens my kids with Santa watching over them all year in order to make them behave. (Although … now that I think about it … not a bad idea. Kudos to those of you who have beaten me to it!)

But today, as we’re tackling the toys and trying to sort out those with which they do not play … (huh … look at that … a stuffed tiger with its tags still on … just like the one you wanted so badly at the zoo yesterday) … it is, as you can imagine, a bit of a challenge. That’s when it just slipped out. “If we get rid of all of these toys, then we’ll make room for Santa to bring you some new ones.” What is wrong with me? Bribing my children with the magical promise of he-who-personifies-materialism showering them with more material goods as a strategic tactic to get them to minimize their material goods? Especially since we’re not even planning on buying toys as gifts anymore, but replacing the gift with a family adventure or experience. Perhaps I should submit myself for a mental evaluation.

On the other hand, I am somewhat entertained to hear their approach … I can hear them in their room sorting their toys right now. My son, the frugal one, is loading up bags of toys … let’s sell this and that, and those … and then I can save my money. And if they don’t sell, he’ll donate them to someone else who needs them. Meanwhile, my daughter has let loose on that four-letter word again … “MINE” … that’s not yours. That’s mine. I LOVE that. I’m keeping that for when I have a baby some day. (She’s three.) I’m only going to sell that bear if I can go to the store and buy the EXACT same one again.

Thankfully, I have childcare today, because, as you can see, I’m working … so for now, the toy challenge is her problem.


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