Sanity Check (not to be confused with “Sanity? Check!”)

What can I say? We *almost* sold the Tahoe (aka “The Ho,” as we so affectionately refer to it now) yesterday. But, the people wanted to think about it and call us back today. So, we’re waiting for a potential call so that we can minimize at least one vehicle before we leave town. Meanwhile, I left the windows down to air it out last night … so now I have a soaking wet, musty smelling car that I’m postponing my vacation to potentially pass on to some might-be buyers …

So, after sopping it up with the last of my clean towels, it is sitting in the driveway running, with its heater on full blast trying to dry the carpets and eliminate the smell. Meanwhile, I’m burning precious fossil fuels out there while I sit in here and write my blog. Sometimes I think ignorance might be bliss when it comes to environmental and fiscal responsibility …

In here, I’m wading around boxes of yard sale items that didn’t make it to a yard sale yesterday, and trying to pack my husband’s suitcase for him (since he is struggling to find a Leisure Activity for his client that is suitable in the rain … I’m telling you right now … if he ends up at the movie theatre again today, that man is the Luckiest man on Earth ;-)) … and we’re supposed to be on the road for our fabulous family vacation in T-8 hours.

Part of me thinks I should just load up all of these boxes of “stuff” into the back of The Ho and drop them off at the Thrift Store … minimizing the entire burden of yard sale management when I return. But then there’s the economic opportunist on the other shoulder …

So, here we go … I’ve just spent 9 minutes blogging. That leaves me with 471 minutes to get ready for vacation. And we all know what that means. (Clean the house, finish the laundry, take out the trash, sanitize the bathrooms, pack the suitcases, bake the banana bread for the road trip, find the kids some toys to keep them entertained, secure the house, and meet up with my husband at the ferry. Unless, of course, the people call about The Ho, in which case, I have to get the kids dressed, find the keys, make magic happen on the wet carpets, drive across the ferry (again), walk back on with two kids, in the rain, up the hill, to vehicle number three, which will bring us home so I can begin packing for vacation, cleaning the house, and aforementioned list.)

Thankfully, our dog went to the cabin a few days ago with some other family members, so I don’t have to worry about him today. How’s that for a good time … my dog has already been on vacation for four days, and here I am … just trying to join him.

I think it is fair to say that today, I am minimizing my sanity.


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One Response to Sanity Check (not to be confused with “Sanity? Check!”)

  1. Ha! This might be my favorite so far! I love that the dog is already on vacation….you will get there soon! Actually, by the time you read this, you are already there or back home. Either way, great blog!

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