Enter, the ECamper

Here we are. Officially on vacation. We made it. In the diesel-guzzling monster. Without managing to minimize any vehicles before we left. But we did have plenty of opportunity to scope for our new ride on the way here–the one we will get to replace the two beasts.

I’m not going to lie. My husband has test driven his fair share of Luxury SUVs. But like a sign from the heavens, the one he had his eye on sold before I had a chance to fall in love with it. I couldn’t decide whether to be bummed or to thank someone. Is there a god of fiscal and environmental responsibility?

That’s when it hit me … like a bolt of lightning, really … the conversion van. You laugh. But think of the family adventures waiting to be had in roughly 40 square feet of living space. My mind starts churning. Not only could we minimize two vehicles into one, but we’d never have to use the camper van again either. That’s virtually three vehicles for the price of one. And with a fully-stocked conversion van in my driveway, what’s to stop me from taking my kids on once-in-a-lifetime adventures EVERY weekend? Let the bonding begin.

As you can imagine, my husband is now not only shaking his head and rolling his eyes at me, but laughing as well. How practical is a family fun van though, you have to wonder? What is the gas mileage like? Our friends have one and they only take it on weekend trips. They don’t drive it around town as a daily family vehicle. And it’s in the shop twice a year to be fully serviced. I mean … it is part of their family, so they spare no expense to maintain it … but the ultimate goal here is to find a daily vehicle that is so much more …

That’s when my husband took to the good ol’ Internet. And what he found, I have to say, actually amazes me. Are you ready for this? Drumroll please ……………

The Honda Element turned ECamper. I just have two questions for you …

1. Have you seen these things?

2. Are you kidding me?

The same Honda that is the text book for reliability? The cute little, fuel-efficient, family-friendly SUV that gets good gas mileage and has room for the dog?

Oh, and did I mention the sleeping quarters? If you don’t think I can fit my whole family in this vehicle, let me tell you about my good friends that just visited each of the 48 contiguous United States with a Queen sized mattress in the back of their Toyota Prius. Yeah, you heard me. Queen mattress. Prius.

Now we just have to make our way to California to find one of these beauties. Why is it that all good things come from California?


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