The air is fresh. The water is pure. The sun is dancing on the shimmering lake. There was a moose sighting this morning. My son wakes up every morning, stretches, and says “aaah … the cabin.” Life is good. Everyone (including the dog) is down at the dock getting ready for a boat ride.

And here I am … on a


……………… – U –

………………………….. – LAR


…………. – ER –

………………………… – NET

connection. It’s a double-edged sword, really. The fact that I am *always* connected to my email, and the fact that I am *always* connected to my email. I have to admit … it’s nice that I can work from anywhere I choose to work. But, it kind of sucks that my work follows me on vacation. It wouldn’t suck half as bad if I could send an email in high speed. But, I guess vacations are meant to slow us down, right?

So, today, as I’m sitting here waiting to download the one pertinent email in my inbox, I’m delayed by the 100 ads, spam, and e-newsletters SLOOOOOOOOOOOWLY crossing the cellular internet connection (which, thankfully, works here).

My task for this evening (after the sun goes down) is to minimize the junk that somehow penetrates my inbox every morning. My spam filters are set on high. But somehow, I fall prey to the e-marketing from my former-favorite hangouts … Banana Republic … White House | Black Market … World Market … Priceline … Travelocity …

One would think that since I’ve been known to develop online marketing and email campaigns for a living, I would be smarter than the mail that fills my inbox every day. But, instead, I’m tempted by these dazzling sales on a daily basis … so, in the spirit of minimization … UNSUBSCRIBE.


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