Decision Made.

In case you’ve been wondering where we ended up on our vehicle minimization efforts, we’ve spent the week weighing the pros and cons of the reincarnated hippie-era VW Westfalia camper van against the cute, compact, and fuel-efficient Honda Element ECamper. I’m not going to tell you which of us is leaning toward which vehicle. I’m just going to point out the circumstances that led us to the decision we’ve reached today …

Last night, we were talking to our friends, some former Honda Element owners, and asking for their non-biased opinion between the ECamper and the “West-FAIL-Ya” as our friend so eloquently put it.

Not ten minutes later, some other friends who were pulling in to town for a visit in their VW Westfalia called to ask for a ride … because the tow truck was on its way to haul their trusty camper (sans transmission) to our backwoods camp.

Today, as we’re packing up our last day of vacation, we’re also packing the broken-down VW van onto the back of a trailer to haul home behind the diesel-guzzling monster. Good thing we didn’t minimize the truck before we left for this trip.

So, according to my calculations, the score looks a little something like this:

  • West-FAIL-Ya = 0
  • Diesel-Guzzling Monster = 1 point for showing up and saving the day.
  • Honda Element ECamper = Winner-Winner-Winner!

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