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Argh …

“Peter, you’ve become a Pirate,” says Grammie Wendy in her proper British accent, when she learns that Peter has become a Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer in Corporate America. If you’ve seen Hook, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If … Continue reading

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Playdate + Wine = Happy Kids + Happy Moms

I heard somewhere that people who have to set rules about drinking are people who have problems with alcohol. You know, like “It’s five o-clock somewhere,” as if drinking after 5:00 pm somehow¬†makes it better than drinking at 4:00 pm. … Continue reading

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Wasteful Haste

“Haste Makes Waste,” my attorney tells me. Every. Single. Time. I speak with him. As if it’s his god-given tag line or something. Perhaps it is. And perhaps he’s right … it would explain how I wasted a whole day … Continue reading

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Oh Canada

Those of you who are loyal readers might note that I did not post a blog yesterday. That is because I spent my morning having Sunday breakfast with my in-laws and discussing the political landscape that our country is facing … Continue reading

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Recycling–in all its Glory

To call my family “counter-intuitive” is, in some way which I do not yet–and may never–fully understand, some sort of compliment. I believe. Take, for example, the day I posted my first blog announcing my intentions to take the 100 … Continue reading

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Did you fall victim to the TV commercials?

Pop Quiz. Did you read the article I posted yesterday about the 5 Traits of the New American Consumer? The one where Young & Rubicam (known as Y&R, in the industry) conducted all of this research to advise corporations on … Continue reading

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Consumer Tid-Bit

This is just a brief follow-up on some of the thoughts I’ve been voicing aloud … like …¬†Is it possible to support the economy and be minimalists at the same time? Well, it turns out that some very large market … Continue reading

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