We are the Champions, My Friends

We did it! We officially minimized two fuel-guzzling monsters into a single, fuel-efficient, family-friendly, cozy-for-camping-adventures Honda Element! Or, “Fun-on-Wheels,” as I like to refer to it.

We don’t have the ECamper customization yet, but next spring, I feel a road trip to San Diego calling my name–where the must-have pop-up tent will be installed. I know what you’re thinking … how did that happen so fast? We just discovered these beauties via the Internet while on vacation last week. Then, we pulled into our driveway late one evening, and the next day had a new car? Who does that?

Well, I have to tell you … my husband is no slouch when it comes to negotiating with car dealers. And by “no slouch,” I mean he sat on the couch in his underwear ALL day yesterday calling every dealership and craigslist ad within a four-state radius. Breakfast, honey? On the phone. Shower, maybe? Waiting for an email. Pair of shorts? Receiving a fax.

Essentially, he secured his own financing, made offers sight-unseen, pitted dealers against each other, and at the end of the day, had the best deal available in four states … without leaving the couch. Literally. Not figuratively. Literally. Did not leave the couch. Lucky for us, it was in our state … just a ferry ride, and a 45 minute drive away … so, when the dealer called at 6:30 pm to confirm the deal would work, and told us they closed at 9:00 pm, we wasted no time loading the kids in our then-two vehicles and hitting the road.

~ And bad mistakes … we’ve made a few ~

(By “mistakes,” I mean the trucks … not the kids … just to be clear … )

Naturally, we made it. You do know that I’m married to the Luckiest Man on Earth, right? And he’s not *just* lucky because he married me, mind you … but because …

~[He] keeps on fighting ’til the end ~

Best car dealership experience ever. Paperwork was ready when we got there. Sales men were exhausted and ready to go home. We test drove the car, traded them keys, signed the papers, and went out to dinner. Finance guy was averted entirely. Because, as you know …

~There’s no time for losers … ’cause we are the champions — of the world ~


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