Fired = Forced Vacation

Well, I had to fire the maid this morning. She failed to show up in the middle of the night and clean up my cooking mess in the kitchen, as I had dreamed she would.

And, since the maid and I are one and the same, and I just got fired, I guess it’s high time I go on vacation before I get stuck cleaning up this mess in the kitchen. Who’s with me?

I do have to admit though, it was nice to have Lasagna for breakfast while I dialed in to my early morning conference call. Much better than starving myself all morning in anticipation of breaking away for a Breakfast cookie from the coffee stand. Which, as you know, I don’t do anymore.

But Lasagna was not the only treat I had this morning. When I finished up my call, I headed downstairs to find my husband MINIMIZING HIS CLOSET!! Stop the World. Can I have your attention, please? Allow me to repeat myself. My husband. Minimizing his closet. Proud isn’t the word for what I experienced this morning. Awe-inspired, perhaps. So awe-inspired that I was not even disappointed to learn that after 30 minutes of closet cleaning, he only managed to find three shirts to pass on. THREE SHIRTS from his three closets. Not three from each closet. Just three. He refers to this as “Closet Minimization: Round One.” Whatever it takes. I’m right here with ya, babe. At this rate it will take us 1,000 rounds, but I’ve got patience, yes I do … I’ve got patience–how ’bout you?

I think the real motivation was trying to find some clean clothes to pack for our Labor Day Weekend getaway. Because, as you know, we just got back into town on Monday. I can neither confirm nor deny whether the laundry has been done since that trip, but I’ll let you use your best deductive reasoning to come to a conclusion on that point.

Meanwhile, my kids and I are trying to convince my husband that we can sleep in the Honda Element tonight — even without the custom pop-top. Did you know that all of the seats in the Element fold completely flat so that you have one massive bed in the spacious interior? And, they have the added bonus of reclining and adjusting to your perfect sleeping angle. People pay good money for beds that maneuver that way. And we have this pure sleeping luxury parked in our driveway. My son wanted to sleep in the car last night. I can’t say that I blame him–but it did feel a little bit silly out in the driveway. But on a weekend getaway  … that’s a cost-conscious family adventure just waiting to happen!

Good thing we have all this spare time since I’ve been relieved of my housekeeping responsibilities.


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