Cat or Carcinogens? That is the Question.

Here we are, back at home again after two nights “camping” with friends for Labor Day Weekend. While the kids and I were unable to convince my husband to set up camp in the Element just yet, we did have the sheer pleasure of sleeping on a guest bed that made the cold metal roof of the car parked in the driveway (sans ECamper pop-top) feel inviting. Had we stayed for night three, I’m pretty sure I would have had to test this very theory.

But instead, we’re home preparing for the beginning of the school year … while my dishwasher runs the second load of dishes left over from the once-a-month-cooking experiment, and the rest of my kitchen and laundry room are filled with the beginnings of a yard sale that just never took priority over going on unplanned family adventures.

Here I am … after two nights of sleeping on a rock (not like a rock, mind you), facing the aftermath of the best minimizing intentions ever … just trying to get motivated. While 98% of me wants to curl up on the couch and plot our next project … the organic vegetable, herb, and cutting-flower garden next to the all-natural chicken coup … the other 2% of me knows I’ll never be able to convince my husband that we should raise chickens and grow our own food until I can finish the projects I’ve already started. I guess I have a few hours to figure it out though … since he just left for his first Fantasy Football draft of the season.

Truth be told, I am really very inspired to try out this hobby farm concept. Not only would I like to know where and how my vegetables are grown, but everywhere I go, my friends are raising chickens. And I’m pretty sure it’s not *just* because all of my friends live in the sticks. I believe there is a shift happening across America right now … something of a perfect storm derived from the global economic crisis, combined with discovering the side effects of the chemically-enhanced food with which we’re poisoning ourselves, and the general consciousness of the stability that comes from being self-sustainable. And by self-sustainable, I no longer mean “within walking distance of the local coffee stand.”

Here’s the only problem, as I see it … the farm cat. Who wants an animal that comes with a liter box? I’ve just spent three years teaching my children how to use the toilet. I am not about to invite an animal into my home that needs me to scoop up after it. But if I’m going to be really good at growing food and being sustainable, I’ll need a good composting system. And here in the woods, compost only invites rodents. And the best way to control rodents is …. well … a cat.

So, my ultimate dilemma is this … cat … or carcinogens in my food? That’s a tough one. Seriously.


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7 Responses to Cat or Carcinogens? That is the Question.

  1. Karyle Kramer says:

    “Farm” rhymes with “Barn” so farm cats should live in barns (near the rodents you want them to devour). They do their business outside, no litter box required. We do also give our barn cat food and water, but she loves knowing she’s boss of her area. Oh, but be prepared to scoop up rabbit fir and guts, rat heads and tails–not so tasty apparently!

    • Wow. You almost had me there at letting them do their business outside. I was almost sold. But then you had to go and point out the rodent remains … thanks for that!

      I actually saw a neighbor cat run through my yard last night. I’m wondering how long I can rely on the neighbors to keep my farm clean. 😉

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