Ask and Ye Shall Receive

It’s my LUCKY DAY. After loading up my clothing and hauling it to the thrift store yesterday, I was just finishing up a load of all of the other household items I’ve been minimizing over the course of the last month … when I received an email from a neighbor just a few doors down. Turns out, she’s having a yard sale this weekend. She wanted to know if I had anything to sell. Do I have anything to sell? The poor lady has no idea what she just asked for …

So, instead of schlepping my “stuff” all the way to the thrift store, I can donate it to her, let her enjoy the profits, and then she can schlep the rest of it to the thrift store for me. Win-Win-Win, I like to call this. I get to get rid of the piles of “stuff” sitting around my house, while donating to a neighbor in need, she gets to benefit from the proceeds, and the local thrift store will eventually get the left-overs to raise money to support the food bank.

This minimizing thing feels really good.

I just hope my neighbor is ready for what she’s about to receive tomorrow. The Element is parked in my driveway fully packed. To the brim. I’m not even sure its legal to drive with as many windows blocked as I’m going to attempt tomorrow. And that’s just load one …


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