Missing Keys … Found Keys

How did you spend your weekend? I spent the good part of my weekend looking for my husband’s missing keys. (Yes, again.) Only, this time, he had to take my car to work and leave me at home with his Jeep and no keys … while I spent the better part of my Sunday and Monday mornings searching for his lost keys. Because this, my friends, is team work.

After tearing the house apart … tearing the Jeep apart … tearing the couch apart … and looking in every conceivable spot I could think to look … I found them …

In the rubber door liner of the front-loading washing machine. The catch-all for items in pockets that get washed. Why didn’t I think of that earlier? Do you see what happens when I actually do the laundry around here?


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One Response to Missing Keys … Found Keys

  1. Mom says:

    love your blogs, they keep us up to date : >)

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