Holiday Decorations

I’m pretty sure I saw Halloween Costumes in the stores on July 5 this year. I still don’t know what we’re going to be, but apparently I am WAY behind the curve here.

One of the ways that we mark fall in our home is by dragging out the decorations and adorning our house with orange and red leaves, glass pumpkins, and these silly little crows with corn husk hats. My kids LOVE today. They love it because it is fun to play with all of the decor they only see once a year. I love it because it confirms the fact that school has, in fact, started again. No turning back now–the decorations are out.

Naturally, the questions floating around in my mind this time are “does each decoration count as one item?” and “do we really need all this ‘stuff’?”

Here’s my perspective. Because I’m still operating within categories of “stuff,” holiday decorations are currently one collective item. I could break them down into specific holidays and call those collections. But at the end of the day, I’m not currently looking to minimize these items. Here’s why …

Each year, as fall season turns to Christmas season in the retail world (which you would expect to be the day after Thanksgiving, but happens to be sometime in August, by my calculations), all of the fall decor goes on sale. The same thing happens immediately after Christmas. So, I’m *not* spending a small fortune on decorations for the house, and even though I typically find them after the holiday, they are new the following year. My kids love to drag out the bins and decorate our otherwise dark, damp, and dreary Pacific Northwest home when the grey skies roll in.

Each year, I do surprise my family with a new Christmas ornament on the day that we decorate the tree. I write their names and the year on the bottom, so that some day, when my children grow up and leave home, they’ll each have their own collections to take with them. It’s a tradition that we love. And part of my Minimal Challenge is about honoring family traditions and fostering fun memories. In the case of our greater-Seattle area home, the only way we can differentiate our 300 days of grey skies and rain clouds is by the changing decor inside our home.

Now, if I were packing up to move to my fantasy island in the South Seas, I could ditch these decorations in a heartbeat … pass them on to embellish someone else’s home. While I sat outside my hut and enjoyed the black sand beaches, waving palm fronds, and stars twinkling in the massive, unhindered night sky. But for now, we really enjoy our garlands and candle holders and painted wooden cut-outs that we shove into our pumpkin post-Halloween and pre-Thanksgiving to turn it into a Turkey on our front porch. That’s just a good time.

Cheers to the changing seasons!


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