Take-out vs. Homemade Meals

So there I was on this fine Monday morning, struggling to get out of bed. I felt great when I went to bed last night, but when I woke up this morning … I was just glad I didn’t have any food in my stomach, let’s put it that way.

Lucky for me, my husband, the Leisure Specialist, had some administrative tasks to attend to this morning so he was at home, rather than out perfecting his craft on the golf course. When I say “administrative tasks,” I’m usually referring to tracking his Fantasy Football stats online, but this morning, he had real, legitimate administrative tasks, like preparing Articles of Incorporation and opening Bank Accounts for his specialization in all things leisure. Anyhow, to make a long story short, he was also able to administrate parenting duties this morning to feed the children and take them to school …

While I figured that if I could sit perfectly still on the couch and not move, I could probably get some work done. False. That lasted about an hour before I had to crawl back into bed and lay perfectly still  for a couple of hours …

Until my husband needed me to go sign some papers at the bank with him. Is there no rest for the weary? So, I dragged myself out of bed (again), claiming death was upon me, and threatened to wear my slippers to the bank, when I realized that what I really needed was some 7-up and soda crackers to settle my stomach. But, since I cleaned out my cupboards and don’t stock those items in my home, I was out of luck.

That’s when my strategy unfolded. Right there in the driveway. I know I can get a soda at DQ, and french fries sound almost as salty and savory as the crackers. And since I haven’t eaten yet today, and I already feel like this … well, what harm is adding one more gut-bomb to an already bombed gut going to do? (I’ve said before that I’m a marketing strategist … I never claimed to have won any awards for my strategies …) And now here I am … right as rain.

The moral of this story goes something like this … if you find yourself eating the last of your lasagna left-overs from your month-o-cooking adventure, and it leaves you operating at less than 100% the next day, simply head to your nearest fast food restaurant to douse the nausea with some grease, and you’ll be good to go in no time. Nothing like some take-out to cure the eating-your-own-cooking blues.


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