To consume or not to consume …

I saw a news report yesterday as I was walking past the TV that said “Recession Ended in June 2009.” Admittedly, I did not hear the whole report from the talking head, but what I could see from across the room screamed “false advertising” if I’ve ever seen it.

I’m no Economist, but I can calculate a few figures … off the top of my head, I can tell you there are 5,280 feet in a mile, the circumference of a circle equals Pi times the diameter, and not only can I recite the quadratic equation, but I know how to apply it. I passed Business Calculus AND Business Statistics, and while I’ll admit that Economics and Accounting were a bit of a mystery to me, I would still contend that I can add and subtract with the best of ’em.

So, you can imagine my surprise to learn that not only are we no longer in a recession, but it’s been over for more than a year. Where have I been? Quick! Someone tell the banks … because I’m pretty sure my neighbors are still losing their houses and trying to find jobs.

I guess we could at least tell the corporations, so they can start hiring again. I actually do believe we’re on our way toward the upswing. Just this week alone, I’ve received emails and posts from friends on LinkedIn and Facebook with numerous job postings. Ironically, I’m not looking for a new job, so someone needs to help them out with their marketing strategies to help them target their relevant audiences. But, that is not the point … the good news here is that perhaps corporations are going to go back to work innovating new solutions to help ease the burden of human life, and we can go back to consuming those goods and services so that our unemployed friends and family can go back to work.

Wait a minute … is this blog about supporting the economy or minimizing consumerism? Now I’m all confused. Can’t we do both?


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