Consumer Tid-Bit

This is just a brief follow-up on some of the thoughts I’ve been voicing aloud … like … Is it possible to support the economy and be minimalists at the same time?

Well, it turns out that some very large market research firms are asking the same questions (only, in their cases, they’re getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to find the answer, and in my case, I’m just filling your daily quota of psycho-babble).

In fact, my 100 Thing Challenge guru, Dave, posted this link on his Facebook page today, so I thought I’d repurpose it here … 5 Traits of the New American Consumer. The bottom line is that American perceptions toward consumerism are changing, and now corporations are scrambling to find ways to still get inside our pocket books. But, it is still empowering to know that the social consciousness is changing in such a way that the behaviors that we, as consumers, exhibit are affecting the economy from the bottom up.

Keep it up, my friends. And please keep sharing your stories and tips with me … I’m learning so many life skills from you, my readers.


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