Playdate + Wine = Happy Kids + Happy Moms

I heard somewhere that people who have to set rules about drinking are people who have problems with alcohol. You know, like “It’s five o-clock somewhere,” as if drinking after 5:00 pm somehow makes it better than drinking at 4:00 pm.

Well, in case you’re wondering, I don’t have any rules about when I drink … including on playdates with my children. In fact, that’s the new rule about playdates with my new friend. One of us hosts the kids and prepares the after-school snack while the other brings the wine.

As I mentioned earlier this week, my house is a disaster, so this week, I was in charge of the wine. I’m not much of a wine snob. But the marketing strategist in me is a big fan of the labels. I shop according to my mood. Usually, I find something with a beach scape or bare feet … but today, as I was browsing the selection at my local grocer, the MAD HOUSEWIFE Chardonnay practically threw itself at me. Perfect for my week, I thought. Sold.

And so, I spent the afternoon visiting with a new friend while our children played together famously for two hours. I thought I was going to be able to parlay this time into the outdoor fun with kids and dogs, which I pledged to do yesterday. And it was a beautiful day for playing outside. But my kids were so excited to play in their little buddy’s bedroom that we stayed inside the whole time. So, maybe I need to adjust the rules of my mini-challenge to something like: each day for the next month, I will either take my kids and dog somewhere to play in the great outdoors as a form of stress relief, OR send them off to play with their friends while I drink wine. I’m kidding. I am totally *not* going to do that. (Although I could reason that the social interactions with their peers are invaluable … and wine does the heart good, does it not?)

Oh no I didn’t … I did not just rationalize that scenario in my mind.


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