Last weekend, we had the opportunity to spend the night at a resort. At the tail end of my husband’s golf tournament. My husband played golf. My kids played on the beach. I played at the spa. I didn’t hate it.

It was a nice kick-off to fall. Especially after spending our summer getaways in the backwoods and in the sticks. Nursing spider bites. Cleaning up after my own cooking, and recovering from eating my own cooking. Oh yeah, and minimizing everything we own.

So, to escape for 24 hours of pampering was good for my soul. Because, as you know, I am no stranger to fun, and a big fan of creating memorable experiences with my family. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to me that, as we were driving out of the resort’s parking lot yesterday, my daughter announced that she wants to work at that resort when she grows up. Great, I think to myself. Never too early to foster a good work ethic and goal setting. So, I ask her why she wants to work there. She says it’s because she loved the room and wants to sleep there forever. Me too, sweetheart. Me too. So then I ask her what job she wants to have when she works there. She’s confused by my question. (She’s only four.) So, I clarify … she said she wants to work there when she grows up, so what does she want to do there? I give her some examples … does she want to serve the food, or clean the rooms, or work at the front desk? No, she tells me. There are already people with those jobs. She doesn’t want to take anyone else’s job, or they wouldn’t have jobs. (That’s the humanitarian in her … always thinking of others first, right?) No, she just wants to live there, it turns out. Not actually work.

Got it. We’re on the same page now. Basically, she just wants to live at a resort and have people wait on her and clean up after her so she can play all day. So, what I think she is telling me is that I’m raising the next Paris Hilton. I challenge you to find something that could possibly make a parent more proud.


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