Christmas Shopping. Part I.

Photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus

It’s still October. I haven’t really started Christmas Shopping yet. In fact, I’m not actually planning to start shopping for “stuff” this year. But it did come to my attention that the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is already out. And it features a $1.5 million dollar Dale Chihuly swimming pool. I can’t take credit for this fascinating find. A friend of mine posted the link to this blog on his Facebook wall. (Read that last sentence carefully … would you have known what that meant 5 years ago?)

So, here’s the thing … I’m all about supporting the local artistic community. As you know, I’m somewhat of an aspiring starving artist myself. But I just have a question for any of you actually considering spending $1.5 million dollars on a swimming pool floor … Did you know there are entire countries full of starving people?


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