Glory Days

This weekend, I had the indescribable pleasure of reuniting with my former college suitemates. Four quirky, amazing girls that were thrown into a dorm together a milestone number of years ago, to find ourselves, discover our callings, and grow up together … whether we liked it or not.

And here we are, after several marriages, a divorce, singlehood, lots of children–some birthed, some adopted, some with careers, others that run marathons, most that I haven’t seen in over a decade. And those that I have seen were only briefly in passing … at one or two of the aforementioned weddings. So, we piled into a hotel room in our old college town, ate, drank, went to a comedy show. Giggled our way through the evening, and fell asleep WAY too early by college standards.

It is good to know that, in a tumultuous world, where the economy and politics and news reports have us all turned around, there are some people who will always remain constant. Because as college Freshmen, our worlds were largely turned upside down as we unpacked our bags in those tiny little dorm rooms (which still smell the same, by the way … we walked the halls). And in the midst of the chaos, we found each other, because we knew that for a variety of reasons (many yet unknown to us), we were kindred spirits.

The realization that some things never change is refreshing to me. Because in this busy world, where our lives are consumed by chaos and “stuff,” there are some things that matter more than others … like friends. And relationships. And the fact that we can pick up where we left off … crying on each others’ shoulders, offering comforting words of advice, and laughing at each other for just being ourselves.

We still broke a bottle of wine in the parking lot (that was my bad), misrepresented the number of guests in the hotel to save some cash (that was not me), and one of us (who shall remain nameless) still packed TWO SUITCASES full of clothes for a one night sleep over … in her own home town. (Also not me. But it did make me laugh when she looked at my little backpack and asked if that is all I brought from several hours away. I looked at her defiantly and reminded her that I’m a Minimalist, and that my closet is now empty, because EVERYTHING I OWN is in that little backpack slung over my shoulder.)

So, as you continue to navigate your “new normal” in this very non-normal world, let me remind you to look away from the material goods from time-to-time (even if you are diligently minimizing them) and remember to cultivate the relationships of your past, present, and future.


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  1. Love, love, love it!! What a great way to articulate our “reunion!”

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