Step One. We can have lots of fun.

OK. Seriously. I’m going to focus on five simple steps you can take to begin your journey toward Minimization this week. It’s somewhat of a tough subject, so I decided to do it in NKOTB fashion. Today is Step One.

When I began this effort of minimization, I was less inspired by the thought of having no material possessions, and more inspired by the thought of having no laundry. So, take a step back from your passion to become a minimalist, and save the depths of your basement closets or attic crevices for later.

Let me caution you that digging to the depths of your closets to clear out all the junk only leaves you with a room full of junk and a very clean closet. If you could see the office I claimed to minimize right now, you would feel my pain. I have stacks of things that need to be tossed or given away, or shredded … but right now, I’m climbing over them trying to maintain my sanity.

So, before you go all crazy on your closets, think about your day-to-day life and all that consumes you. In my case, the laundry necessitated a minimization of the clothes. If your pain is doing the dishes, start with your kitchen cabinets. If it’s picking up toys, begin with your children’s play areas.

I believe that if you start somewhere that is causing you pain, then the results that you realize from the act of minimizing, and the reduction of the pain will snowball into enough momentum to tackle the next steps. And it will be lots of fun.


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