Minimalists: The Next Generation

I had a hostile encounter with my children’s bedroom this afternoon. When I discovered that I could no longer walk through it, I decided to put my foot down … on a very sharp object. My *bare* foot. 

As you can imagine, I wasted no time clearing my afternoon schedule to clean up their room. There were plenty of opportunities to minimize. Unfortunately, my daughter was home with me, so there was no minimizing to be had … but I did manage to make a detailed mental list of all of the toys that will move on to new homes next time my children are both in school and I have some extra time on my hands. (Which at my current rate of chaos will be somewhere in the February time frame).

In related news, my husband and I had a conversation about Christmas this morning. Come to find out, my husband is not in the same “Minimalist” frame of mind that I am yet … shocker, I know.

So, here’s the dilemma … my husband is one of six children. I am one of five. Our childhood memories of Christmas morning include a sea of beautifully wrapped gifts so wide and deep that we had to climb around on the furniture to avoid stepping on the presents. It’s one of his fondest memories of the holidays. And I have to say … I do love to see the bounty overflowing from under the tree on Christmas morning, as my kids’ eyes twinkle with the magic of Christmas. But we have this issue of scale. We only have two children, and a much larger living room than those of our childhood homes. Oh yeah … and I’m working hard on de-emphasizing the focus on material goods. Did you get that memo?

I am compelled to spend money on family adventures and memorable moments. But those are difficult to wrap up in tangible packages and place under the tree in keeping with our family traditions. And even if we trade existing toys for new toys at a 2:1 ratio … my vision of Christmas shopping doesn’t include backing a dump truck up to the back of the Disney Store and asking their elves to load it up for us this year …

What to do … what to do …

We’ve actually been presented with an opportunity to spend Thanksgiving at an Orphanage in Tijuana this year … helping with some maintenance projects and enjoying the children. I don’t think it’s going to happen for us this year, but it is definitely on the To-Do list for next year. This is where my head is at … learning what we have to be thankful for first hand … and making a difference in someone elses’ lives while we’re at it …

Now the challenge is figuring out how to translate that dream into my real life. Open to suggestions here.


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One Response to Minimalists: The Next Generation

  1. Kimi says:

    Our Christmas ritual: on the 27th, for every item that goes into the kids’ bedrooms (toys, etc) one of equal size moves out, their choice. My boys totally get involved, and love helping me take the stuff to good cheer. PLUS, when you tell the family that this years trendy and no doubt expensive gift has little chance of making next years cut, you’ll be amazed at the change in giving style!

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