Suitable Rocks and Sticks

My husband is a pretty funny guy. And he has this memory of a high school baseball game where his team was playing at a school out-of-town, and whomever was responsible for loading the team’s practice gear must have been distracted that day, because the they got all the way to the away field before they realized they had no equipment with which to warm up. The coach (you know who you are), told the high school boys to head out to the woods to find some “suitable rocks and sticks” and take to the field. Maybe it’s one of those times where you just had to be there, but every time my husband tells the story, he doubles over in laughter and has to wipe the tears from his eyes, like it was the single most hilarious moment of all time.

A few years later, around the time of his college days, he was helping some good friends’ older siblings pack up to move to another state. The older sister and brother-in-law had children by that time, so my husband and his friends were making trip after trip up and down this flight of stairs carrying boxes of toys out to the moving truck. One of his friends commented in passing that when he had kids, they could also head out to the woods to find some rocks and sticks, leaving the toys in the toy store.

Neither of these were monumental stories, in my mind, until today. After spending the entire afternoon yesterday in my kids’ bedroom organizing their massive collection of toys, I was so desperately frustrated to find them “bored” this afternoon. Bored? Really? Their room is like a mini-Disneyland. Who could be bored at the most magical place on Earth?

That’s when the high-school-boy-inspired wisdom overcame me. We headed outside to cherish the last few sun rays of the year, and I taught my children how to climb a tree. After they got stuck and unstuck and scaled it a couple of times each, they thought they were bored again. But, because I’m always one step ahead of them, I informed them that they could not possibly be bored when they had an entire yard full of scavenger hunt awaiting them. They found leaves and rocks, flowers and snail shells. Bored? HA! You’re coming at me with “bored,” when you have a bedroom AND a playroom full of toys upstairs?

You better watch what you ask for, my friends … because I’m pretty sure there’s an archeological dinosaur dig to be had out in that yard … yeah … right there … along the edge … where I plan to plant a garden in the spring. Yes, Stegosaurus, I believe. DIG!

Bored? Think again.


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