Recycle it Already

OK. So … you may not know this about me, but I’m an all-or-nothing kind of gal. If I’m not 100% committed to the task at hand, then I’m probably still sitting on the sidelines deciding whether or not this is for me.

Such was the case this spring during the most insane move of my life. The short story is that we moved. On very short notice. While my husband was playing golf in Palm Springs. So really, I moved. On very short notice. One weekend. While ferrying our kids from one house to another and juggling furniture and boxes. That’s because I’m one part human and two parts Super Woman, but that’s a different blog entirely.

OK, so there I was … moving garage loads of “stuff” that had not yet been unpacked in our previous residence to the garage of our new residence, and cursing the material gods of consumerism during each load. Somewhere during the course of that weekend, my beloved aluminum (BPA-free) water bottle found itself in my driveway, getting run over by my car. I can neither confirm nor deny who was driving the car at the time, but I can confirm that it was just a water bottle and not a child!

Anyhow, the last load of the exhausting move happened to come just a few days before I signed my family up for this here Minimal Challenge. (Coincidence? I think not.) But, because I’m a 100% focused individual, it was impossible for me to recognize this perfectly good aluminum vessel as disposable garbage when it could still hold water. Literally. Holds water. So, when my husband tossed it into the garbage, I scolded him and informed him that this perfectly good container would be just fine for drinking water. I’m committed to this recycling and not wasting perfectly-good-goods thing here …

Can we be serious for just a moment?

The plastic lid no longer fits since the aluminum container was crushed. (And it may have melted in the dishwasher since I wash nothing by hand.) So now I have an aluminum water bottle that only stands upright when it is empty because it’s new asymmetrical shape isn’t balanced when it is full of water. And since the lid doesn’t fit, it’s basically a vessel of spillage waiting to happen.

What kind of crazy person tries to make the most of something like this? Recycle it already.

Listen. The point of minimizing is to clear out the crazy in your life so you can focus on the valuable aspects of life that bring you joy. It is not to be so extreme about anything that it causes you more challenges or headaches. Everything in moderation. That’s the mantra here.


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