Wow, Advertisers, Wow

As you’re pondering this year’s Halloween costumes for your family (it’s just around the corner, you know–get busy!), I don’t care whether you’re buying them or making them … I’ve done both.

I’m no Holly Homemaker, but I do enjoy seeing my family’s costumes come together from bits and pieces of treasures we’ve discovered along the way. (Crazy glued together, you know … I think we’ve covered my sewing abilities already.) Making the costumes is part of the fun of the season … deciding on a family theme and then searching for the perfect ensembles. 

So, yes, I think it’s fair to say that I find this Target commercial ignorant. Not because I think everyone should make their own costumes, but for the very point that the writer makes in the commentary … where does Target suppose we get all of the products (crazy glue, for example) necessary to make homemade costumes for our children? Not only are they missing out on greater revenue from the craft supplies, in exchange for promoting conformity amongst our children, but they’re stifling creativity all together.

To be perfectly honest, my rage here is not about the craftiness of Halloween costumes. My issue is the way advertisers are targeting us on an emotional level to to undermine our confidence and self esteem by attempting to make us feel inferior for not conforming to the need for Target to sell its surplus of seasonal retail items. 



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