Decisions, Decisions …

With exactly two months to go, we’ve discovered two very different schools of thought when it comes to celebrating Christmas in a minimalist household around here …

We’ve both agreed that a massive influx of more plastic junk is not in the plans this year. (Celebrating with a brief victory dance.)

But deciding on the *adventure* or *experience,* or ahem, *non-inanimate object* to replace those gifts is what you might call a “point of discussion”.

We’ve effectively minimized our list down to two top choices … a family trip to Disneyland on Christmas Day (I challenge you to present me with a more magical experience), or ANOTHER dog.

Yes. Puppies are cute. And cuddly. And they grow up to be dogs–man’s best friend. Agreed. We have one. I know exactly how it goes … I feed him, water him, throw the ball for him, clean his ears, take him to the vet, let him out to run, and sometimes our kids pet him. So yes, I can concede the point that having another dog to keep him company would be the humane thing to do … a companion for our pack animal. Fair enough. Only, my husband doesn’t just want any dog. He wants the fattest, laziest English Bulldog that he can find … one which refuses to fetch, or even move, really … so he can call it “Bogie” and have it warm his feet all day. His theory is that perhaps this low-energy breed will teach our ADHD Retriever (who will dive to the bottom of the lake to fetch rocks if the stupid people won’t throw a ball) to mellow. I suggest that we just feed him Ritalin. Problem solved.

I suppose a puppy does not count as a material possession, so we’ll put that suggestion on the table. Although he’ll need some toys, a collar, and a leash. But, the kids can open those presents under the tree on Christmas morning, and solve the dilemma of no material gifts. Something to consider.

But, I would like to submit a really great idea … Disneyland on Christmas Day. Come on … this is a once-in-a-lifetime family adventure that our children will only appreciate for so long. Imagine waking up in our condo to find tickets to Disneyland in their stockings!?!? Then piling in the car and driving to the most magical place on Earth? What kind of children would not remember that experience for their entire lives? Oh, and by the way … a family vacation in the Southern California Sun during the dreariest part of winter in the Pacific Northwest? You may not know this, but women in the Pacific Northwest are severely Vitamin D deficient due to the nine months of cloud cover here. So, if not for the magic of the season, how about for our health? Please.

Oh, and P.S, I hear golfing is great in SoCal this time of year.

Case closed.


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