Top 10 List

I’m thinking in bullet points and action items today, so I present to you my Top 10 5 List of random ideas to make minimizing easier. Lucky you.

  1. Paint your walls. Color is the secret weapon of graphic designers. If they don’t have stock photos to fill a space, they’ll use large blocks of color. If you’ve minimized meaningless wall decor and find yourself staring at blank walls … or find them staring at you … find a color to warm your space … or energize it, or calm it … explore the psychology of color and work it.
  2. Adopt a “less is more” philosophy. All that “stuff” on your shelf is only cluttering your view of what is important. Filling a shelf with books you’ll never read doesn’t do anything to highlight the one framed photo of your honeymoon. Eliminate the clutter to highlight the few items that you actually love.
  3. Prioritize activities in your life. Physical activities, memorable adventures, relational events, family journeys. Instead of going shopping, have wine and chocolate with your girlfriends, or go for a walk on the beach to catch up with an old friend. Don’t center your activities around the mall.
  4. Get outside. If you spend your whole life in your living room considering new drapes, furniture, or wall decor, you’ll also spend your free time browsing catalogs, or the Internet, or finding gaps in your house that you think need to be filled. If you’re outside chasing your children or throwing a ball for your dog, you’ll be less inclined to redecorate your house. Honestly.
  5. Challenge yourself. Make a game of your minimization efforts. Can you give away one item a day from now until Christmas? Can you give away two items for every one that you buy? Can you go an entire week without buying something material? Can you think of a reward for your efforts that is not material?

I had intended this to be a Top 10 List. But if you read yesterday’s post, you’re aware of my time constraints. And pure mental burn-out. My brain is currently operating at the capacity of the fried egg in the anti-drug campaign commercials of the 1980’s. Without the benefit of any drugs.

And if you know what kind of morning person I am, you’ll know that my 5:00 am conference call is going to be a rude awakening.


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