Happy Halloween

I have this fabulous idea. How about if we dress our children up in costumes that they refuse to cover with a coat on a miserable, dark night during the stormiest part of the year and send them to strangers houses to greedily beg for candy so they can come home, fight over their loot in their sugar-induced, exhausted stupor, and shock their bodies to the verge of a diabetic coma every day for the next month? Who thought up this magnificent idea?

I’m not trying to be a spoil-sport. I love the harvest season, the pumpkin patches and jack-o-lantern carving. I love the Halloween season. The dressing up and using our imaginations to create festive costumes. I love the Halloween parties with friends and family. But this begging for sugar thing seems a little absurd to me. I’m thinking it might be time for a new tradition.

I just heard a great idea from a friend yesterday … “Reverse Trick-or-Treating,” wherein, the kids dress in their costumes and visit a community with some elderly folks on the day before Halloween. Instead of asking for candy, they hand out bags of candy to the neighbors they are ultimately going to visit the next night anyhow. That way, they’re really just getting their own candy in return, the neighbors get to see the costumes in the light of day, and there’s less greedy begging and more community sharing. Not a bad idea.

But there’s still the sugary candy factor. I’m not saying kids shouldn’t get any sweets. But there has to be a better idea. I know some houses hand out toothbrushes or dental floss … or even pencils and stickers. While I appreciate their efforts and sentiments, that’s still a disappointing treat when the kids are expecting candy.

Maybe the trick is less about the established tradition, and more about–what to do with all of this candy tomorrow? My first instinct is to give it to the food bank, but passing on a bunch of high-fructose junk doesn’t sound like the kind of nutrition a hungry family really needs. It feels wasteful to throw it all away. But if it sits around, we’ll eat it.

How to minimize this candy? That is the question on my mind today.


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