I had this whole “go-fight-win” spiel written in my mind to encourage you to get out and vote today. My husband and I made a date of dropping off our kids at school, stopping by our beloved coffee stand for a celebratory coffee, and taking our ballots to the post office to ensure they are postmarked today. Yesterday, my Mom sent me a forward about the women who fought for our right to vote, and the torture they endured for their efforts. I wanted to tell you that voting is not just a right, it’s a responsibility …

And then I clicked on this article, where I learned that this has been the most expensive mid-term election in history. $3.5 BILLION dollars *our* politicians have spent on their mud-slinging campaign ads. Not only have I been appalled by the commercials and unfair accusations for months now, but they are asking me to vote for someone who I believe is going to help Americans recover from the worst economy ever. I’m voting for someone I believe is going to create jobs, support social services, and improve the quality of life for my family. My neighbors are still losing their houses. Twenty-eight percent of my community is frequenting the local food bank. And these politicians just blew $3.5 billion dollars on campaigning?

Disgusted doesn’t begin to describe my thoughts about my country today. On a day when I should be feeling all patriotic and proud to have a vote. I wonder if I can take my vote back …


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