The Centennial Post

Like I said, I’ve been wracking my brain all week to come up with something profound for my 100th post. And I’m not usually at a loss for words. I’ve often wondered if this thing called “writer’s block” is a real condition or just a convenient excuse. Perhaps this is indicative of my having too much to say … or just never knowing when to shut up. At any rate, it should not have taken me so long to realize that listing my most recent 100 items would be perfect for my 100th post. I mean, I’m no astrophysicist, but this isn’t rocket science, either …

So, here we go … I’m going to start with The List I posted back in September and show you how it has changed during the last couple of months …

  1. Toothbrush
  2. Glasses/Contacts
  3. Razor
  4. Hair straightener
  5. Nail clippers and file
  6. Jewelry–this is just my wedding ring and earrings my husband bought me for Christmas. I don’t wear any other jewelry. As such, it should all move on, really. (So, 2 items.)
    • Watch  moving on with the rest of the jewelry since I don’t use it.
  7. iPhone
  8. Laptop for work.
    • Laptop for play. confiscated by my husband for his school work.
  9. Coffee mug.
    • Jelly bean dispenser. my husband also took over the desk in the office where this sits, so he can have it. I’m just a nomad now, working on my laptop … on my lap.
  10. Notepad/pen. I find myself using this less and less. My son asked today why Santa needs to make a list … why doesn’t he just look at a screen? It’s a fair question. I may not replace my notepad next time. 
    • Reusable cold coffee cup the straw melted in the dishwasher so now I just use a glass. Although, I’m looking to replace all of my glasses with big, sturdy mason jars … eventually.
  11. Flip flops.
  12. Slippers. these are nice, but they make me too hot, so once they’re worn out, they’re done.
  13. Backpack–my daughter spotted a hideous flowered suitcase at the store the other day and insisted that I needed it because a “backpack is *not* a suitcase.” I told her we have a whole collection of suitcases … I just don’t need them, because I pack light. She was unimpressed.
  14. Purse/wallet.
  15. Sunglasses.
  16. Make-up bag that contains: It turns out that I learned something new about myself as summer turned to fall. I spare no expense on good skin care products. But, again, they’re not exactly possessions … my exfoliator and moisturizer, right?
  17. tinted moisturizer
  18. concealer
  19. mascara
  20. bronzer
  21. lip gloss. That’s it. Five items.
  22. Oh wait, I did keep a compact of eye shadow for when I’m feeling particularly sassy.
  23. Oh yeah, and one bottle of nail polish for flip-flop season.
  24. Running shoesand I’m vowing to put these to good use starting tomorrow … getting in bathing suit shape for a winter vaca.
  25. Tennis racket (and associated skirts and balls)
  26. Soccer cleats and shin guards–still working on getting my player’s card so I can play with my good friend. She has more faith in this than I do.
  27. Old Journals–I’ve actually given some thought as to how to spin these histories into an upcoming novel. That’s my goal for 2011. To write my first novel. Stay tuned. And remember that I’m a procrastinator, so don’t hold me to anything …
  28. Current journal.
    • Writers guides–these are moving on. I need to quit reading about writing and just write something someone can read already.
  29. Scrapbooks.
  30. Scrapbook supplies.
  31. Art supplies basket, which holds:
  32. paints and brushes
  33. oil pastels
  34. charcoal pencils
  35. colored pencils–I actually used these to draw dragons with my children this weekend.
  36. art paper
  37. Digital camera.
    • Coastal Living magazine subscriptionI recycle them, so it’s not like they count as a possession for more than a week or so.
    • Sunset magazine subscriptionsee point above. 
    • Books and reference materialsthe truth is that these need to be minimized. I use the internet for all references. The Book purge is coming.
  38. Honda Elementlove, love, love it.
    • Candlesthis is a dwindling supply. And, as much as it pains me to admit it, I have not volunteered to host any more at-home parties to squander away my life savings on meltable wax.
  39. Artwork of our family by my sister-in-law. Keeper. Need more. Of this.
  40. Professional photos of my children.
    • French press replaced with a coffee pot. Which I also don’t use. I’m thinking of becoming a tea drinker. Except I keep reading about all of these wonderful health benefits of coffee. Tea has them too. Tea sucks though.
    • Coffee grinder. It’s still in the cupboard, but I no longer claim it as my own, because I’m no longer attached to it.
  41. Wine glasses–still attached to these. 
  42. CorkscrewI disbelieve that I am the only person I know who carries one in her purse … for emergency purposes.
  43. iMac
  44. Down comforter
  45. Egyptian cotton duvet cover
  46. Therapeutic pillow
  47. Wardrobe–This is now only #47 given my changes above, so I will attempt to itemize my wardrobe … tomorrow. For now, I think it is safe to say I have fewer than 53 articles of clothing, as evidenced by my lack of laundry these days. Tune in tomorrow if you really care to know what is in my closet. Next to Darth Vader, that is.

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