Purchase Justification

I. covet. this.

I know, I know. This blog is all about minimizing, not adding material goods to my inventory. But, I have to tell you. I’m still human. And American. And therefore a consumer, by default. It’s in my genes.

And I am obsessed with the totally fictional character of Tommy Bahama, because I, too, would love to escape to a tropical island and live the good life … for a living. Genius. Pure Genius on the part of the Tommy Bahama founders.

So, while I stalk their online catalog on a daily basis, reminding myself that in my real life, I live in the Pacific Northwest–where it is barely above freezing this week–I  realize that I should, instead, be shopping for rubber boots and rain slickers, and perhaps a down parka … to wear underneath my rain slicker. Bah. What fun is that? This way, I can indulge in tropical fantasies and not actually pull the trigger on purchases, because they are simply not practical here. Oh, and also, I’m a minimalist. So I don’t “need” those things.

But this beauty here … the Tommy Bahama cook book. Are you kidding me? Have you eaten at a Tommy Bahama restaurant? Well, I have. And the pure deliciousness of everything I shamelessly consumed that day still makes my taste buds tingle. So, the idea that I could have this same food fantasy right here in my very own kitchen. Almost too good to be true.

The only problem, as I see it, is … if I have the recipes, I’d have to cook them. And, you all know how I love to cook, right? Hold on. Let me think this one through a little bit longer. Perhaps I don’t want this after all … I hadn’t thought about the actual ramifications of buying a cook book. I was too busy salivating over the fabulous photos.

See? That’s how you do this Minimalist thing … think about the items you want from every possible angle, until you over-analyze them and realize that you don’t actually want what you so desperately covet. You can do this. I’ll help you.


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