I. Heart. Snow.

I’m not going to lie. I’m a big fan of the sparkling white snow crystals sent down from the heavens to adorn my yard with holiday cheer.

And the lazy part of me really loves that my cozy little home is surrounded by natural decor, so I don’t have to go drag out the Thanksgiving garland and Christmas Village. I know that sounds counter to my theory that holiday decor does not get minimized because it lights up our dark, dreary winters and  spreads good tidings.

But this year, I’m tired. Not just tired like I need to take a long winter’s nap (although that is definitely on the agenda for this day in the frozen tundra). But tired like we just moved a few months ago–packed up all of our belongings, unpacked all of our belongings, sorted through them, minimized a large percentage of them, hauled “stuff” away to yard sales and thrift stores, set up furniture in one room only to move it to another room, unpacked shelves full of books in the office just to box them up and send them away again … can you feel me here?

We’ve finally decided on our few remaining possessions, and now there’s a place for everything. And everything is in its place. So, to drag it out now would be counter productive. Even if the holidays do just come once a year.

I’m not trying to be the Grinch. In years past, our house was the center of our extended families’ holiday celebrations. Decorating started early. And exceeded abundance.

But this year, I think we’re going to ride the wave of others’ holiday festivities. We’re looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with some good friends who are moving away next month. At their house.

And we’re still undecided about whether we’re spending Christmas in our new home, or in sunny SoCal with Mr. Mouse himself. I’ve been on the fence a bit … I can’t imagine a sunny Christmas when every year, I long for a white Christmas. But, at the rate we’re going this year, we may just have our fill of snow by the time Christmas rolls around.

So I say “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”

(And Vitamin D, here I come …)


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One Response to I. Heart. Snow.

  1. Debbie says:

    Haha. I agree. Sometimes I feel as though I wish someone would just come and take everything I own and be done with it. But then I think how proud I feel when I look around and see how positively I have changed my life and helped the planet! I don’t think that the minimalising will ever end but it will certainy get easier.

    Enjoy your snow. I live in Australia and have never seen snow but hopefully in the next few years one of my dreams will come true and i will finally get a white christmas. Happy Holidays!

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