Bribery = Brilliant

I am pleased to report that the bribery tactic I employed a few weeks ago to get my kids to keep their room clean is turning out brilliantly.

So brilliantly, in fact, that they’ve started their own star chart to reward themselves for keeping the play room clean.

Can’t argue with that kind of initiative. Now the entire upstairs is clean every night before bed time … with the exception of my husband’s office. But, life can get a little disorganized when you’re virtually training a cyber rat. So, I’ll let that one slide. For now.

And, I took the advice of you, my readers, and opted for a family experience as a reward rather than a toy prize. My kids did not even argue with me when I told them that it didn’t make much sense to buy more toys to pick up. They actually agreed.

So, I presented them with an array of adventures. Children’s Museum. Science Center. Movie. Bowling. They opted for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. But that was before we discovered the  Bouncy House. I’m flexible either way.

Because I’m not tripping over toys or wasting my weekends picking them up anymore.



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