Reality. Check.

This morning, before dawn cracked over the horizon, in the frigid cold of the Great North(west), I finally identified the first “thing” that I miss since starting the 100 Thing Challenge.

And it’s not an article of clothing. Although, I do need to interject for a moment to say that while getting dressed in a minimized closet is 99% fantastic, there is the 1% of the time when I have to go look like a professional and only have a few select mix-and-match pieces which I think have been mixed and matched into every possible combination. Several times. And also, my metabolism failed to receive the memo this fall about how I minimized my closet last summer, so this inherent mammalian instinct to insulate for the winter is kind of messing up my whole world. (That’s the censored version of what I cursed in my closet at dark-thirty this morning.)

So, even though I managed to get dressed and out the door in my Pillsbury-doughboy-style parka this morning, I somehow managed to miss the ferry. Again. And as I sat there in the cold, dark lot for forty-five minutes, it occurred to me that I no longer have heated leather seats in my car.

It is not the car that I miss. I mean … Sheer Driving Pleasure in an Ultimate Driving Machine is a highly overrated concept. Who cares about performance when my kids and dogs fit so well in the new Element? You know, since there’s no soft, cozy carpet, I can just wipe up their spills and dirty paw prints with a wet cloth. Who needs zero road noise when I have shreiking-singing-screaming children in the back seat that I can’t even hear over the panting dog breathing directly in my ear? Who needs foam seats that contour to my body so that it feels like I’m driving around in a soft leather glove all day when I can have seats that fold completely flat and double as a camping mattress for a family of four?

No, I do not miss (the maintenance costs of) my old car … I suppose it is just the heated seats on a cold winter’s morning. But, if I’m being completely honest, I only leave the house in those conditions about three times a YEAR. And the rest of the time, I have my panting, over-heating Golden Retriever to sit next to me and keep me warm.

I should write ad copy for car brochures …


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