Mid-life Crisis?

When I wandered into the bathroom this morning, I was greeted by the warm, inviting aroma of fig and shea butter. Praying that my husband is not on the verge of a mid-life crisis (because I’m reserving that right for when I become the resident Cat Lady), I wonder out loud what is going on in there …

“Well, there’s no soap in this entire house, so I had to use some of this fruity body wash,” was his response.

Ooops. I did forget soap when I was at the store this weekend. But this morning, I had this revelation. I have a whole basket full of half-used body washes, shower gels, and bubble bath … all of which contain glycerin … the key ingredient in soap–that which bonds with the dirt and oils to cleanse your skin. The rest of the ingredients are just unnecessary additives. (Just in case you were in the market for an impromptu chemistry lesson … I happen know this because–contrary to the popular belief of my college roommates–I did not attend my Chemistry 101 class in college because I had already learned the material in high school chemistry. That’s how I managed to pass the final exam. Thank you very much.) And also, I had no intention of majoring in science. I digress.

In the interest of minimizing, why not finish off this basket of soap-like products before buying more soap? Because my husband would never go for that, I reasoned. But this morning, he proved me wrong. Of his own free will. If he doesn’t mind going without soap, then I don’t either …

Although, I should point out that he could have possibly drowned an elephant with the extra spritzes of his man-scented cologne before he walked out the door this morning.


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