Billionaires are voting with their wallets now!

Here’s how I know that I *should* be a billionaire … 17 more of American’s Billionaires have just taken a pledge to donate more than 50% of their wealth to charity. They are unhappy with the choices made by politicians and lawmakers, so they are taking matters into their own hands and funding our economy by supporting the needy … with their own money!

Where have I heard this concept before? Oh yeah, that’s right … in the very posts of this brilliant blog. I’m not trying to take credit for the fundamental principle of philanthropy or anything … I’m just trying to point out that We, The People have the power to shape the future of our country … or at least our economy.

And I wouldn’t hate it if our politicians buried themselves so deeply in their own mudslinging that they became completely irrelevant to our society. What’s that, you say? We’re already there? That’s a shame.

Look … I’m not saying this is the best-case scenario. I mean, ultimately, the programs that get funded by these billionaires will be causes that they care about–based on their own perceptions of need and benefit to society. We, The People will not technically have a vote in where they spend their money. Whereas, we *allegedly* do have a vote as to how our public funds are allocated now.

But, I would like to point out that it is not difficult to learn where these billionaires will be spending their money, and whether they’ll be supporting the causes you care about. And, with handy tools, such as the GoodGuide, you can quickly learn which large corporations you do want to support when absolutely necessary, because you will know that ultimately, you are voting with your wallets.

I love it when good people do good things. Because, I’ll be honest … I had started to lose my faith in humanity there for a while.


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