Luck o’ the Irish

You’ve heard me say, on multiple occasions, that my husband is the luckiest man alive, yes? Well … based on my years of experience, I’ve observed this kind of luck to be a non-transferable trait. While you could say that I often benefit from my husband’s excessive luck, the luck has never benefit me directly. Or so I thought.

Today, I honestly believe, I might be the luckiest woman alive. But I’ll let you be the judge of that. I’ll just present the facts:

  • Yesterday, we had to pick up our new kittens from the pet store … a good two weeks before Christmas.
  • My in-laws generously volunteered to keep them at their house until Christmas morning, so we could surprise our children with furry-purry love.
  • I felt badly that they would be tasked with caring for two pets that are not their own for the two craziest weeks of the year–leading up to the holidays–and with house guests arriving from across the country.
  • I’ve even suggested to my husband that we give our children this gift early … to minimize the headache for everyone involved. (Apparently, I have no Christmas spirit, according to his response.)
  • Today, my mother-in-law informed me that the kitties are the cuddliest little snugglers. And, while she is introducing them to the wide world of house living (vs. the cage they’ve been raised in at the pet store), she also tells me that she is teaching them to quiet down at bed time and to use their litter box.
  • Did you read that? My mother-in-law is house-breaking our new CATS for two weeks before they come to my home. Bless her heart.

You could still argue that by virtue of the fact that she is my husband’s mother, the luck is still trickling down from his Irish veins …

But then I would counter with the point that there is only one person in this house that would be responsible for housebreaking those animals. And so, I believe that I am the direct recipient of this luck.

I should go to Vegas for Christmas! (I wonder if I could ask my mother-in-law to watch the kittens for one more week … )


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