Down for the Count

Bear with me here … I know I’m really sick when not even the foot massager can entice me to sit down and blog all weekend. My apologies, faithful readers … I’ve never gone so long without a post. To be honest, it gives me a bit of anxiety to go to sleep at night knowing I haven’t posted anything. But, that’s not exactly a healthy habit … so I broke it this weekend. As I slept upright–willing my sinuses to drain and my eyes to stop watering. My husband even ventured to the pharmacy to get me some of the *good* cold medicine … you know, the kind with the Meth in it … even the hardest drugs I know have failed me this weekend.

The only solace I was able to find was when I opened Facebook to find 80% of my friends were going Christmas Shopping. Suckers. Every post said something like “going shopping with two kids and my mom” or “thought I’d be done shopping by now, but here I go again.” I even heard one story of some friends that spent an hour just trying to get OUT of the mall’s parking lot.

I smirked and thought to myself … I’d rather be right here in bed suffering this head cold than navigating the bowels of the shopping mall this weekend. In fact, my husband and I even did a little comparison shopping between Amazon and our local Toy Store, only to find that the Legos at our local store are less expensive. Who knew? Yet another Christmas Miracle has found us.

So, we finished up the last few loose ends of our shopping at 3:00 pm on Saturday afternoon, and get this … didn’t even have to wait in line to get to the register. Or fight traffic to get home and crawl back in bed.

Shop Local, already. You’ll be amazed at what you find … and how ridiculously EASY it is.

Now the countdown can officially begin.


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