Not so much a “cat person”

Now that we are in full-blown Christmas prep mode, I am taking full-blown advantage of anyone who offers to watch my children. So I can finish preparing candy. Or wrapping gifts. Or making magic happen.

Take today, for example. When my Mom so graciously invited my children over for a play date. I think they even decorated sugar cookies together. Good solid Grandma time. So precious.

I am grateful for every moment my children get to spend with their Grandparents. It is just priceless. And making Christmas memories too. All the while, I’m getting work done. Play for my children, love for my Mom, and productivity for me.

What could possibly thwart this day?

Oh, my mother’s vicious cat attacking my daughter? I’m sure she asked for it. I mean, that little devil doesn’t just jump out to scratch and bite everybody that walks by. Unless you’re human.

So, my daughter comes home from her blissful day of Christmas cookie baking with her Grandma to reveal these deep red fang marks on her forearm. And informs me that she *HATES* cats.

Aaaah, a girl after my own heart. Breakthrough, right?

Oh wait. That’s right. In T-3 days, my house is going to be infested with two little felines. How am I going to spin this?

I guess I could point out that Kittens and Cats are two completely different things …

Next year, we are definitely going for stuffed animals. I don’t care how many material possessions that equals.


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