And …


Again. Inhale. And … Exhale.

Can you feel it? That’s what I imagine it will feel like to say “good-bye” to 2010 and “hello” to 2011.

Only, we’re not there yet. We still have a week of post-holiday limbo before we ring in the new year.

I’m not going to say that waking up to an alarm clock and dialing in to a conference call this morning was the most fabulous feeling in the world. But returning to a “normal” routine isn’t at the bottom of my list of priorities, either.

After a month of head colds and a week of celebratory chaos, I’m hoping to decompress a little this week as I gear up to tackle the new year. And, since I implemented the Minimal Challenge this year, I feel another material purge looming right around the corner.

It will feel good to rid my house of its recent volume of newly acquired “stuff.”

But, I have a few other tricks up my sleeve as well. In addition to marching to the beat of the Minimalist drum (you know I have no rhythm and tend to stray a bit, right?), I also have big plans for planting my own garden full of produce (to be tended by the new mousers in our family), and I’m even going to learn how to harvest and can it all to be used throughout the year. I’m hoping to build a chicken coup so we can gather farm fresh eggs for breakfast. These are lofty goals given I have a hard time keeping silk plants green. But, since I minimized them, that minor technicality is neither here nor there.

And, while I’m in this Utopian place of goal setting for 2011, I might as well throw in the Zero-Waste theory. It’s something that I’ve been pondering for months now. The truth is that we’ve completely eliminated our Garbage Service already and recycle almost everything. We already have almost no trash. And, as soon as I get the compost system set up, we’ll have even less given most of it is spoiled food. The problem is that I’ve learned the recycling center does not take all of the plastics and metals that I painstakingly rinse and sort. And, I’ve also learned that the recycling process causes some serious air pollution. So, here we are thinking we’re doing this great thing for the environment when it turns out that we’re not. At all.

Packaging is out of control. Product packaging. Food packaging. All packaging, really. What if I could really eliminate all of the food packaging and switch to glass containers like the family in this article?

I am also haunted by the chemicals I use to clean my house. They make my eyes water and my skin burn. I can only wonder what they are doing to the still developing neurological systems in my young children. But now I have a recipe and can make the cleaner myself. Out of soap. And vinegar. And water. No toxins there.

The photos in this article are so refreshing to me. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a space so clean and fresh that you could just BREATHE?

Minimizing our waste. Improving our lives. That is my Zen.


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