2010 Wore Out its Welcome

Well, our New Years Eve plans were short-lived. To say the least.

No sooner had I bundled my children up from head-to-toe, found the hip waders for my husband’s crab hunting adventure, prepared an appetizer, and located my camera–than my son proceeded to vomit all over the place. Before we even crossed the threshold. 

I’ll spare you the gruesome details. Let’s just say that I was thankful I had not minimized all of the towels in the house a couple of months back. And, I’m not going to say I wasn’t grateful to have some disinfecting wipes on hand. In spite of the fact that I’m still planning to switch from harsh chemicals to natural cleaning products … it was good to have some handy last night … all night long.

I don’t believe it’s a stretch of the truth to say that 2010 had it in for me. Right down to the bitter end. As I passed out on the couch in between rounds two and three of my son’s valiant battle with the stomach bug. And then peeled myself off the couch at midnight to move into his bed where he wanted a Momma Snuggle … while he tossed and turned fitfully fighting off a fever … which made his little twin-sized bed with two of us in it a blazing inferno.

Farewell, 2010. Adios. Au revoir. Auf wiedersehen. Goodbye.

On the bright side, my husband now has a perfectly good pair of hip waders to wear with the camouflage paint ball shirt that he refuses to minimize. Turning lemons into lemonade. That’s what we do here.


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