Me vs. the Kitchen

Unwilling to be outwitted, outplayed, or outlasted by my kitchen, I went back in this evening for what can only be described as round two. I’m not going to claim absolute victory, as we’re still short one loaf of french bread. But I did survive. And, I managed to uncover all of the makings for a brown-sugar glazed salmon dinner, complete with steamed vegetables and parmesan risotto. Arguably the most balanced meal my family has eaten in weeks. Nay, months.

It is simply amazing what I can find in the depths of my freezer once I scrape off the top layer of coffee beans.

Then, I took one sad look at the now completely thawed black bananas and decided I should probably do something about that. While I was tempted to re-freeze them, that would not have been pretty … even if I covered them with a thick layer of coffee beans. Instead, I decided to tackle the banana bread challenge again.

As I sit here before you, I am happy to report there is a large loaf of banana bread baking in my oven. The coffee pot has been programmed to brew a wake-up call in the morning. And, my kids’ school clothes are clean and ready for the week ahead.

Don’t worry. I’m not planning to provide you with a play-by-play of my life all year. I’m just trying to be certain that 2010’s torch has been extinguished. And I believe it  has.

The tribe has spoken.


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