The New Year Starts on Monday

Well, my first step in January’s food challenge was to bake some bread for my family. Because homemade bread ALWAYS tastes better than store-bought bread. And I’m trying to maintain this charade that I live in a Little House on the Prairie, or something. Who do I really think I am? (Hint: I am not a baker.)

So, here’s how the challenge unfolded …

First I had to address the kitchen and the dishes. Done. Now I have a clean slate to start my day-o-baking. Then I opened the ‘fridge and decided it would only be prudent to clean out all of the spoiled food that I saved with the best of intentions. There’s even an entire pot of spaghetti that I made a couple of weeks ago … right before we were invited out to dinner with some friends. So, I threw the whole pot of noodles and sauce into the refrigerator planning to heat it up the next night. Well, the next night turned into another holiday dinner and then another, and here I am with a pot of untouched, but now inedible spaghetti smelling up my house.

So, I washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen and emptied the refrigerator.

Then, I thought since I’m making french bread for lunch sandwiches, I might as well make some banana bread for breakfast. So, I pulled open the freezer to look for the bananas I saved, and guess what I found? SIX bags of coffee beans! (From back when I thought I could brew coffee at home.) So, I dusted off the coffee pot and brewed a pot of homemade coffee. It sure smelled good. But, when I took a sip … I decided it must really be a cold glass of water that I’m looking for … since I’m starting the year off healthy, and all. So, I dumped out the (burned) coffee and poured myself a tall glass of water.

While the bananas thawed, I thought I could just whip up a batch of bread dough and let it rise while I prepared the banana bread. Funny thing is … the dough never rose. So, I added that to my garbage can full of refrigerator waste.

Now I have clean dishes, an organized kitchen, an empty refrigerator, a pot of burned coffee, black bananas, a full garbage can, and still no bread dough.

Tomorrow is another day.


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2 Responses to The New Year Starts on Monday

  1. Kymy says:

    Yeast breads can be a little tricky at times even after you get the hand of them. If you want one day the kids & I can come over & help you make some! I still have issues at times & end up with dense french bread, but it still tastes yummy!

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