No Food Today

I taught my children to share. But I suppose there are some things I’d prefer they kept to themselves … like this stomach bug, for example. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say it was a long night. First my daughter was sick, then about an hour later, it hit me like a freight train at full speed.

So, when the automatic coffee pot brewed my wake-up smell at 7:00 this morning, I guess you could say it was less than a good morning. My stomach turned. My head throbbed. My body ached. I tried to get up, but the fever and chills kept me in bed all day long. When I finally had to force myself into a vertical position, I thought maybe I’d sit quietly and browse through the Tommy Bahama Cookbook my husband bought me for Christmas. (Because back when he used to read my blog, he must have gleaned this fabulous idea from my entry about coveting this cookbook. Apparently he did not make it to the end of the post where I had talked myself out of needing such an item … or, his taste buds tingled the same way mine did with the memory of that delicious lunch date in the Florida sunshine.)

Well, to make a long story short … browsing a cookbook full of beautiful food photography does nothing to settle the stomach of a girl with a stomach bug. So, I opted for some french fries and 7up and headed back to bed.

There will be no Minimal Challenge today. Unless minimizing wakefulness counts.


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